Shree Clinic, Rheumatology centre.

1. Who can get arthritis?
Anybody can get arthritis, although it is more common females.
2. Is arthritis hereditary?
Not exactly , depends on the genes passed on to ur children , if both parents have it then children will have it .
3. Is arthritis curable, is it life threatening ?
Arthritis has types, viral arthritis is self limiting. Rheumatoid arthritis is highly treatable and we can achieve remission free periods.
4. Do u have to follow any specific diet?
Low purine diet for gout patients. Otherwise eat healthy, drink heathy, and maintain optimal body weight and BMI.
5. Is rheumatism same as arthritis?
Rheumatism is a term used to describe inflammation of joints , ligaments , fascia covering ligaments, tendons , wheras arthritis indicates only joint inflammation. But these two terms are often interchangeable.
6. How long do I need to take treatment?
Other than viral arthritis , and few other soft tissue conditions the treatment is lifelong.
7. Are steroids harmful and how long should I take them?
Overuse of any drug is harmful. Steroids are wonderful if used judiciously. Use it according to your rheumatologist advice.
8. What are new modalities of treatment in rheumatis diseases?
Biologics are the newer drugs for treatment of rheumatic diseases. They are very effective and give great results in shorter duration. Must be taken under the guidance of your Rheumatologist.